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Summer Jobs Across Canada


We offer painting and office employment too!



University first class painters has been employing students in Canada for over thirty years. Providing valuable experience to our franchise managers and great summer jobs for our student painters, marketers and office support staff. We provide full time summer jobs during from April to September and part time work during the school year.



Summer Management Positions


Our franchise management and entrepreneurship program for Canadian university students provides a practical education and experience of running a business under the close supervision and mentorship of industry professionals. This program has training during the school year and becomes a full time job in the summer months. For some managers it also functions as a high paying part time job during the school year.



Full time Summer position: Painter and Marketer Positions


Our franchise managers hire full time staff in the summer months. Offering full time summer employment for students across Canada from April to September. The jobs offered mainly consists of painting and marketing jobs with some production management and other operational management jobs available.



Full time Summer Office Staff Positions


Our Canadian head office offers a variety of summer positions for support staff, accounting assistants and marketing coordinators. Most of these jobs are full time from April to September and many of them will turn into part time jobs during the school year.



Part Summer Position: District Manager Positions


A part time summer position offered to some of our experienced franchise managers. This position works directly with the regional manager as support for franchise management. This position can also become a part time on campus recruiting position during the school year.



Full time and part time positions: Recruiting Assistants


Recruiting assistants can be full time or part time jobs throughout the school year. This is an on campus position and involves the promotion of UFCP positions, presentations and the screening of applicants from around Canada. This position can be a part time summer position for students to recruit within the company and for on campus early promotions.