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University First Class Painters (UFCP) uses a multi-faceted training approach to provide our Student Managers with complete knowledge of the student painting business. Training will take place over several weekend sessions and will consist of 80-100 hours of training, both in-class and on-site. In these sessions, we will cover:


  • Small Business Management including, but not limited to:


    • Customer Service


    • Accounting


    • Sales and Marketing


    • Production Management


    • Time Management


  • Painting Procedures and Products. Topics include but are not limited to:


    • Product Overviews


    • Painting Techniques


    • Painting Systems


    • Estimating


    • Safety

We believe in promoting from within and rewarding Student Managers who are willing to go above and beyond. Qualified Student Managers can advance within our organization to become On-Campus Recruiting Assistants, District Managers, Assistant General Managers, and Regional Managers.

Successful UFCP Student Managers can come from any educational background. It is not your educational background that is important, but instead, we are looking for candidates who exhibit the following traits:

  • A strong desire for success
  • Ambitiousness
  • Goal-oriented
  • Organized
  • Assertive
  • Determined
  • A great communicator
  • Positive and friendly
  • Good business sense

Our Student Managers can set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive job market through the skills and experience gained on the job site. You will gain experience in all areas of business management, including:

  • Customer Service
  • Precise Fund Management
  • Time Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Organizational Techniques
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Marketing and Sales Experience
  • Well-Developed Problem Solving Techniques

Your earnings will be greatly determined by your desire for success and willingness to put in hard work. In 2013, our average Student Manager made a profit of $10,000 – $15,000 in the summer months. Our top Student Manager made a profit of over $25,000 in the summer months alone.

Many of our student managers will work over 8 hours a day. Our average outlet will usually complete the following tasks each day:

Time Activity Description
8am-9am Crew Setup Ensure all of your crews have the supplies needed for the day.
9am – 1pm Jobsite Management Work on-site assisting your painters if needed or turn your focus onto sales.
1pm – 6pm Estimates / Marketing Estimates will consist of calculation, presentation, and contract signing.  Marketing is vital for your business’s success, and it will occupy a greater amount of your time in the early season (April and May) but is still important later in the season.
6pm – 7pm Administrative Work Any paperwork, such as payroll preparation and various accounting duties, as required.

It is important to note that weekends are not considered time off. Much less painting will be done on the weekends, but it is the ideal time to focus on marketing efforts.

The time requirements expected from a Student Manager differ depending on the current business cycle:

Application Phase (September to January)

  • Very minimal time requirements (4-5 hours in total).
  • The tasks you will complete in this phase are:
  1. Fill out an application and submit your resume for review.
  2. Attend information sessions and/or interviews
  3. If chosen, you will receive an offer for an outlet. Should you accept the offer, you will sign a standard Summer Management
  4. Agreement and receive a Training Package.Training Phase (January to April)
  • Time requirements will be about the equivalent of adding one full-time credit to your current course load.
  • The tasks you will complete in this phase are:
  1. Complete training assignments
  2. Attend in-class and in the field training sessions (these will be scheduled on weekends and around your class schedules)
  3. Start performing marketing activitiesOperation Phase (April to September)
  • Time requirements will depend on your outlet’s size – you should expect to spend at least 40-60 hours a week on your painting business. Student Managers with smaller outlets will be required to spend more time painting than those with a larger outlet.
  • The tasks you will complete in this phase are:
  1. Job setup
  2. Estimating
  3. Marketing
  4. Painting
  5. Account Collection

Closedown Phase (September to October)

  • Minimal time requirements
  • The tasks you will complete in this phase are:
  1. Collect outstanding accounts
  2. Finish any remaining work scheduled for the summer
  3. Complete closedown paperwork

The Head Office of University First Class Painters will provide marketing support for:

  • Google AdWords campaign set up and assistance
  • Design and production of personalized marketing material
  • CRM all estimates with our YMS system are followed up through an automated set of emails and client contact initiations
  • Flyer materials
  • Home show support
  • Professional forms
  • Telemarketing services
  • Proven strategies and techniques support

The University First Class Painters system was designed by a student for a student. This means that there are NO upfront fees associated with starting your business. To start your summer career with University First Class Painters, you will need:

A Vehicle

  • It is essential that you have full access to a reliable vehicle throughout the summer months. Ideally, you should have a fuel-efficient vehicle as uneconomical vehicles may cut deeply into your profits.

Painting Equipment and Ladders

  • Depending on your location, painting equipment usually costs between $700 and $1000. University First Class Painters recommends two economical ways to purchase your painting equipment and ladders:

1. Provided by our official supplier, Dulux Paints.
Our supplier will provide a credit for you to outfit your operation with ladders and painting equipment.

2. Provided by our official supplier, Sherwin Williams
Our supplier will provide a credit for you to outfit your operation with ladders and painting equipment.

3. Purchase the equipment from a past UFCP manager.
This will usually result in a second-hand tool but is often much cheaper than buying new equipment.


  • Liability Insurance is ESSENTIAL for each University First Class Painters outlet. Our corporate operator, University Contracting Corporation Limited, will set up the appropriate insurance policy for all University First Class Painters Student Managers. Liability insurance will cost between $600-$900 depending on the outlet.


  • All UFCP Student Managers will be supplied with a number of forms required for their business’ operations (these will range from estimate proposal forms to various tabulation sheets) during the training portion of their employment. Additional forms may be purchased for a nominal fee.


  • University First Class Painters Student Managers must identify themselves in professional, corporate attire while on the job site. Golf shirts and painter shirts are supplied by our Head Office for a nominal fee.

Marketing Materials

  • Marketing is crucial to all Student Managers. You will be provided with a supply of free professional marketing materials (flyers and personal letters) when you join our team. Any additional flyers, lawn signs, business cards, and other marketing materials will be provided for a nominal fee.

Initial Operating Expense

  • Prior to your first job completion, you will need funds available to handle any personal financials and start-up operating expenses (such as gas, materials not available through your main supplier accounts, and other miscellaneous items).
  • A credit is provided with our suppliers to provide all new and returning franchisees with the equipment and tools. The value of which will provide all painting equipment and ladders for one or more crews. Essentially outfitting our student managers to begin production
  • University First Class Painters provides a credit line, for the purchase of clothing, marketing materials, and insurance
  • A number of government loans. Many of these loans will offer interest-free repayment or repayment rebates if a timely repayment period is met.
  • Several wage subsidy programs. Most wage subsidy programs will pay up to half of an employee’s wage.
  • University First Class Painters (UFCP) is happy to provide assistance filling out the documentation for any loan or wage subsidy program. UFCP also provides financing to all Student Managers on any corporate goods and services.