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Management Development Program (MDP)

University First Class Painters is part of the Management Development Program in Canada. This program has several different types of businesses whereby university students are educated about management through training and hands-on experience.

This Canada-wide program consists of fundamental business training and training on the specific business candidates have elected to run in the summer. The basic premise of MDP is to provide an insulated environment entrepreneurial experience.

The term independent entrepreneur may not be a true description of our managers. Managers do run an independent business but do not have true independence, at least not initially. Independence is only gained within the system through the gaining of experience. A candidate must exhibit that they have achieved the skills and knowledge that warrant such independence.

MDP participants report weekly for guidance to their regional manager for the majority of their first season.

The continued gain of experience may lessen the need for guidance; although, it is always available at any time. Managers recognize their regional manager’s expertise as a resource and asset; and, will continue to use them to build their skills and achieve their goals throughout the seasons.

student painters

Managers can continue the program throughout their University degrees. Gaining skills and increasing their financial rewards each year they return to run their business.

Each manager receives an exclusive geographic territory to manage. Most will stay within their initial territory throughout their years within the program; while others will take their skills to other territories due to academic reasons, locations closer to home, or just because it is a more lucrative area.

All returning managers participate in the Executive Management Program each year. The goal is to enhance skills and achieve a longer-term perspective on their opportunities for success.