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Run the Business

For students, the average summer job provides menial tasks with little responsibility. For most this is an accepted reality and, in some cases, the perfect position for their needs. Our program offers a higher level of tasks and responsibility that provides the challenge sought by students wanting more than the typical mundane student summer job. The management positions we offer have our students involved and in charge. They are the go-to person for their clients and staff. Day-to-day guidance and training ensure that our student managers assume responsibilities to develop the skills needed. Independence is gradually attained as skills are solidified.

Our Student manager positions run the business under the day-to-day supervision and guidance of our regional managers. Our regional managers are mentors and support for our student managers throughout the summer term. Advice and guidance on everything in the business, and sometimes outside the business, is what our regional managers provide. Our student manager positions’ real value has always been the skills and personal growth students achieve by running a business—something not found in a menial task summer job.