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Opportunities for Student Painters

Being Part of a Great Team!

The University First Class Painters (UFCP) system can provide your young adult with an excellent opportunity for real-world business management experience and help them develop a valuable skill set for today’s competitive job market. Our system has proven to be a financially rewarding venture for those students who are willing to work hard and stay dedicated throughout the summer months.

With over 30 years of practical business experience, we have developed a framework to guide your son/daughter through their business’s financial and operational components and protect them in their business venture. In addition, we have numerous support staff, including Regional Managers, District Managers, and Administrative Staff who are dedicated to helping your son/daughter have a prosperous career with University First Class Painters. We will also provide your son/daughter with contact information for current and former student managers so that they can discuss the position with someone who has the first-hand experience in this position.

Some of the advantages of our system are:

parents of student painters

  • Full Support & Feedback Services

The UFCP system was specifically designed for students. We will support and guide your son/daughter throughout their career with UFCP. Our upper-level management staff (Regional Managers, District Managers, and Administrative Staff) are available to consult with your son/daughter whenever help is needed. Upper-level management staff at UFCP monitor the performance of each Student Manager. Feedback on any problem areas and conflict resolution support is provided to all managers, as required.

  • High-Quality Training Programs

We are proud to provide your son/daughter with a fully comprehensive training program that includes basic business knowledge, financial knowledge, and a safety program based on some of the painting industry’s highest standards. Your son/daughter will participate in our in-depth training program before he/she is a fully certified Student Manager. Our training program is a multi-faceted program that utilizes in-class seminars, online tools, hard copy manuals, and field training exercises to teach your son/daughter all aspects of the student painting industry.

  • Unparalleled Skill Development

The ability to successfully follow through with the challenging demands of operating a student painting business reflects well on your son/daughter’s abilities. Operating a summer painting operation will provide your son/daughter with the opportunity to develop and refine their organizational, time management, and social skills while partaking in an established business model that can provide them significant financial rewards.

  • Protection from Liability

Your son/daughter will be provided liability insurance through a corporate policy. UFCP also requires all of our Student Managers to register with their local Workers Compensation Board to protect against any worker liability.

  • Registration Support

We will help your son/daughter set up all registrations necessary to operate his/her student painting business. These registrations include but are not limited to:

  1. Supplier Partnerships: Your son/daughter will benefit from supplies and materials purchased at a wholesale price from our approved supplier list.
  2. Supplier Equipment provisioning programs
  3. Revenue Canada: GST/HST and payroll purposes.
  4. Workers Compensation: Coverage for all of your son’s/daughter’s employees.
  5. Business Name: A business name from the Provincial Registry Agency is required to operate a business in any province.
  • Accounting Services

We will provide your son/daughter with accounting services and support for his/her business. In addition to bi-weekly payroll processing, our accounting department will provide: accounts payable services, bi-weekly financial statement preparation, report processing, and more.

  • Corporate Branding

Your son/daughter will be part of a company that has been in business for over 30 years. During this time, it has developed a record of success which attracts a significant client base each year.