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Apply for the Production Manager/Foreperson Position

Be Part of UFCP Team

What are the benefits of being a production manager/foreperson with UFCP?

  • A production manager will run production daily for the business manager. Their duties include Client management, site material management, and crew management. A production manager ensures jobs get done on a timely basis, that the job meets quality requirements, and that the client is fully satisfied. In some cases, this will include billing and collections. A production manager will run many crews as opposed to a foreperson who will run a single crew.
  • Our Foreperson position is an upgrade to the Painter position. The Foreman will take responsibility for quality control on all job sites. This job opportunity is perfect for an experienced painter who would like to share their years of knowledge with a new team.
  • You will have Workers Compensation coverage on all job sites.
  • While wages differ depending on the business location and the Student Manager for which you’ve applied to work. A fast, hardworking foreman has the potential to earn 10% more than the painter’s wage average of $8,000 in one summer.
  • A production manager will usually earn 20% more than a foreperson. In many cases, there is also a rebate on costs for the production manager who operates their own vehicle, and there is usually an incentive of a percentage of profit for each job (these terms vary by location and manager).

What are the requirements?

  • Previous painting experience and exceptional painting performance are required.
  • Each production manager/foreperson will go through the same training program given to painters and will be selected based on completion of the UFCP training programme and successful on-site performance.
  • In most cases, a production manager must have their own vehicle and be willing to use it as part of their daily job requirements. Operation managers will compensate for costs.

How do I apply?

We have many locations that hire forepersons and production managers. If these positions interest you, go ahead and apply!