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Apply to Become a Student Manager/Operator

Be a Part of UFCP Team

The student business manager position is at the top level of our summer employment offerings. Student Managers are the young entrepreneurs who run the local UFCP painting operations. Students who are looking to become manager operator participate in our entrepreneurship training programme held throughout the school year.

This programme provides extensive training on:

  • Business administration
  • Basic accounting, estimating, and job costing
  • Business cycles and key elements
  • Sales and marketing concepts and methodologies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Client management
  • Job management
  • Time and conflict management
  • Usage of our proprietary management and estimating software

Along with the business side, we teach all the elements of the service we provide:

  • Safety and job procedures
  • Product specifications
  • Job processes
  • A-Z on painting techniques (detailed training on the painting itself)

In April upon the full completion of school and the successful completion of our programme, participants will operate one of our painting operations for the summer. At that point, our programme’s mentorship element will take over training and guidance. All of our student managers work with our experienced regional and district managers. These district and regional managers work with the managers throughout the entire summer. Student Managers are the heart of the UFCP operation.

Students who become our business manager/operators will gain experience unequaled by most summer positions and exceptional rewards from their successful operation.

What are the benefits of being a Student Manager with UFCP?

  • The UFCP’s experience provides you with financial rewards, business skills, interpersonal development, and an achievement of which to be proud.
  • Our experienced team of professional experts works with you as mentors and guides.
  • Work with fellow students who are some of the brightest and most ambitious university students on campus.
  • UFCP is financially rewarding, well above the student average for summer earnings.
  • A position that grows with you each year of your degree. Enhancing your skills, growing your business, and increasing your financial rewards and building credentials which will put you ahead of your fellow students.
  • There are additional travel perks and incentives for all our successful student managers.

What are the requirements?

  • It’s not just Business and Commerce students that make successful managers. We have had students of every academic discipline, including Arts, Science, and Engineering. While our managers’ abilities and talents differ from one to the other, our student managers common trait is a strong desire for success.
  • Good business ability is necessary, but being a business student is not a requirement. Many students find it an excellent way to achieve business experience while continuing their degree in another field. On the other hand, business students use the experience as a practical application of their in-class learning.

Candidates should be: Ambitious, Goal Oriented, Hardworking, Assertive, Organised, Committed, Communicative, and Determined.
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How do I apply?