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The Executive Management Program for Students in Canada

University First Class Painters offers an advanced training course for all returning managers. The Executive Management Program (EMP) is a training event designed to achieve the next level of financial and entrepreneurial success for our Canadian student managers.

Topics Covered:

On the business side

  • Leadership development
  • Transitioning from a small to midsize business to a larger business
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • High-level management skills
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Planning and control
  • Large scale production management
  • How to manage commercial work
  • Employee management and subcontracting
  • Advanced estimating techniques

Long Term Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs

  • ​Investment strategies
  • Property investments
  • Mortgage seminar
  • Insurance strategies

Goals of the Programme

The EMP’s main goal is to have a manager leave the programme with the understanding, knowledge, and skill to achieve a higher level of success in the upcoming season. The programme also provides them with some big picture viewpoints and long-term strategies for their personal goals.


Self-Analysis: Managers look at the reasons for their success and failures to understand what they need to repeat and upon what they need to improve.

Enhancement of Knowledge: The EMP will provide a higher level of product, service, and organisational knowledge, providing managers with the tools for growth within their business.

Sharing of Knowledge and Experience: Groups of managers sharing their experiences and knowledge are key elements in the EMP’s success.

High-Level Instruction: An integral part of the EMP strategy is providing knowledge from senior management within UFCP, Dulux, and General Paints/Sherwin Williams, along with experts from RBC, Investment Brokerages, mortgage specialists, and other specialists.

Big Picture Vision: The EMP provides managers with an understanding of the opportunity they have today within their business and can provide them with a lifetime of benefits well beyond their initial goals.

Plan Creation: Managers create a business plan that acts as a blueprint to achieve higher-level goals.

Follow-up from the EMP: Providing performance appraisals, feedback, and general guidance beyond the EMP weekend is a key component of the programme. The programme creates an open line of communication for managers with senior levels of management.