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The Management Training Program



Our qualified entrepreneurship training candidates from across Canada will be welcomed to the program by our Head office staff shortly after the completion of the selection process. An introduction and access will be given to our online systems so that the candidate can begin their training.



The training consists of four components:


1. Online training which consists of videos, training manuals and articles that are viewed and a corresponding test is completed.


2. Classroom training which us held on weekends during the school year (typically 3 weekends). These are centred around hands on practical application of the material learned online.


3. Field training under the guidance of the regional manager is the next phase. This actual hands on experience with estimating, production, marketing and job management. This training occurs for most after exams are completed.


4. Ongoing training is provided throughput the operating season and is tailored to the needs of the individual.





The general timeframe for the above depends on the individual, however as a general rule:


  • The online component consists of 18 segments, each segment can take anywhere from one to two hours. The timing for completion is at the liberty of the trainee. It is however highly recommended that segments that correspond to training weekend topics are covered before attending sessions.


  • The three classroom sessions occur on weekends, school breaks and holidays. The dates of the sessions vary somewhat by year but are generally held in February and March and are available during spring break. The total time for each weekend session is anywhere from 16 to 20 hours.


  • Field training is available as early as March but for the most part is conducted after the final exams are concluded.


  • Ongoing training is scheduled individually after May 1. This training addresses topics that may need more coverage and help for an individuals needs.



This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of business and provide skills in:


  • Business administration


  • Basic accounting, estimating and job costing


  • Knowledge of Business cycles and business development


  • Traditional Marketing methods


  • Sales


  • Client care management


  • Human resource management


  • Production Management


  • Time management


  • Negotiations and conflict resolution


  • Internet marketing


  • Usage of our proprietary software



There is also an extensive component on the painting business itself which includes:


  • Safety and job procedure


  • Coatings and paint product knowledge


  • Equipment training


  • Preparation procedures


  • Job site analysis


  • Job site management


  • Inspection procedures


  • Job wrap up procedure





Our program is built on our many years of experience in the Canadian franchise market. We teach what is important so that all of our franchise managers have the knowledge and skills to deliver a quality service to their clients. Providing their painting service in a safe, efficient and profitable manner while providing great summer jobs for their employees.