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Painter and Marketer Training for Our Canadian Franchisees



UFCP offers an extensive training program for painters



Consisting of:


  • Online training
  • Classroom training
  • Field Training
  • Mentorship training


We teach painting: For over thirty years we have taught students how to safely paint the inside and outside of homes and businesses



Teaching the fundamental basics first:


  1. Everything that should be painted is painted
  2. Everything that should not be painted is not painted
  3. Lines are straight and surfaces are smooth


And much more:


  1. Safety for job sites and equipment
  2. How to use the tools of the trade
  3. Brushing techniques
  4. Rolling methods
  5. Spray methodologies
  6. Preparation processes
  7. Painting processes


Where appropriate most new hires are paired with an experienced painter or work extensively with the franchise manager. Once the skills have been achieved they will often move onto becoming a mentor and fore person of their own crew of painters.



Training For Marketers


Consisting of:


  • Online training
  • Classroom training
  • Field Training


Teaching the techniques of marketing directly to are potential clients. Our extensive experience and knowledge in marketing and sales is taught to our marketers though the use of an in class session followed by actual in the field training accompanied by a field trainer.