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to students since 1982!

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Our Goals


At University First Class Painters (UFCP), our vision is comprised of four major components:



  • We aim to provide an excellent business opportunity that provides students with the experience, stability and financial success that allows them to grow and succeed in today’s marketplace. Over the past 30 years, UFCP has grown from a small locally owned business to a large scale national organization. We will apply our years of experience and corporate growth to ensure that our Franchise Managers, District Managers, Regional Manager, Painters, Forepersons and Marketers are provided with the tools they need to grow their small business.





  • We aim to provide a positive business work experience to all of our Student, District and Regional Managers. The UFCP experience is a second to none resume building experience. Our Student Managers develop lifelong skills that will help them throughout their careers and can earn financial returns that are exceptional for a seasonal position.


  • At UFCP, we strive for 100% job satisfaction for each of our Student Managers, District Managers, Regional Manager and employees. Our business was founded on the simple principles of fairness, honesty and hard work. We implement time-tested systems that suit the needs of our managers, employees and customers to ensure that we can maintain high levels of satisfaction from all directions.
  • We strive to stay innovative and up-to-date on all market trends. We have pioneered innovative technology unique to the UFCP system and have adapted our business models to align with the growing needs of the technological age. UFCP is proud to employ some of the brightest young minds in the nation and encourage their contribution in shaping the future of the UFCP system.

At University First Class Painters, we are proud of our traditions and look forward to a bright innovative future.