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Entrepreneurship with a Safety Net


For many the dream of starting a business is a daunting venture. The reality is that most people just dream of starting their own business. 


University Students that join the UFCP entrepreneurship program have all the benefits of starting their own business within our insulated environment that guides them on a daily basis. In the sometimes high wire adventure of business our summer program is entrepreneurship with a safety net.


The UFCP entrepreneurship program is specifically designed for university students.




  • A business that peaks in demand during the university summer break. The painting industry peaks in Canada from April to September
  • A business that employs fellow University students


  • A service that has relatively simple basics.


  • A low entry cost.


  • In depth training that is equivalent to adding a single semester course to a regular university programs


  • A schedule that puts academics first: training and marketing is held on weekends, breaks and holidays and avoids hectic midterm and final time frames. The business operates after exams are complete and shuts down before school starts.


  • Our cutting edge web based systems estimating and management are easily adapted by today's students


  • A job that is recognized by your future employers as much more than your usual menial task summer job.


  • A financial reward that grows with every year and is above the average student summer job