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Becoming a Franchise Manager



Where do I start?


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Every year we are on campuses throughout Canada conducting information sessions. These sessions will provide you with an inside look at our program. These sessions are conducted during each semester (there are multiple dates for most campuses).



Dates and times are available by clicking on the badge to the right.



Our regional managers and on-campus representatives will be able to answer your questions and provide an initial feedback to you on positions available within your area.



Once you have decided that you wish to proceed further an application should be filled out and/or a resume should be provided. Applications can be filled out online ( Scott this should be a link to the Fm application) or an application can be taken at the info session resumes can be attached to applications.



All qualified candidates will be provided three and sometimes four meetings/interviews in which:


  • In depth information about the program will be provided


  • Candidates are screened to insure that they have qualifications to participate


  • Candidates are provided the opportunity to contact past participants


  • A review of the programs requirement is provided


  • An assessment is made by the regional manager as to the candidates qualifications




Successful candidates will then sign an agreement and will be bake to immediately start within the program.



Employees of our franchise managers are provided opportunities throughout the summer to talk directly to the regional managers. Onsite visits, social activities and recruiting events are held throughout the summer so that candidates can talk to the regional manager about moving up to franchise manager for the next season.