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Summer Jobs with UFCP in Alberta!

Since 1982, UFCP has provided valuable summer management experience for students across Alberta.


Students work as managers, painters and marketers to gain meaningful job skills and real-world experience in Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding regions. Franchises are run by students to allow them to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of being a business owner.


Students working as franchise managers will earn more than they would with an average summer job, as well as learning to apply their particular field of study. They will gain an understanding of all aspects of running a business such as sales and marketing, production management, human resources and accounting.


Our unique Management Development Program helps students transition into their first summer managing a franchises with business seminars and training to fully prepare them. In order to qualify for the Management Development Program, students will be assessed based on academics, work experience, extracurricular activities as well as interpersonal skills.


UFCP also offers the following opportunities to students:


Summer: Positions as painters, foremen and marketers allow students summer job opportunities that give them the potential to work towards becoming managers.


School year: Students can also work part-time or full-time from September-April in on-campus recruiting positions with flexible hours.


UFCP is proud to provide exceptional employment opportunities for students across Alberta!

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Current Events

Career Fair
Date: February 06, 2018
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: University of Calgary - Upper Track, Jack Simpson Gym
Business & Beyond! Featuring opportunities in a wide range of industries: Agribusiness, Customer Services, Financial Services, Government, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing

Career Fair
Date: February 07, 2018
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: Dinwoodie Lounge, 2nd Floor SUB U of A North Campus
Summer work experience can help you test potential careers, develop transferable skills, apply your classroom knowledge, make connections, and earn some money! Plan to attend the Summer Job Fair this February.

Student Jobs

Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer

Franchise Manager
As a UFCP Franchise Manager, you will be fully trained and gain valuable experience in business, management, finance, contracting and customer service. Our system is designed specifically for you, the student. We provide extensive support in all areas of operation so that you can make your business a success.
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Recruiting Assistant
We are seeking individuals to help us inform students on campuses in your region about the summer job opportunities we offer with UFCP. If you can handle distributing flyers, working at booths and candidly speaking with individuals then this could be the job for you.
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Do you enjoy a job that involves being physically active? Become a painter this summer for one of our franchise managers and have a great time working with other students, while earning money for next years tuition!
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Our Alberta Management Team

Regional Manager
Chris McDonah has been with UFCP for the past 10 years. He began as a manager in Halifax, NS in 2004, becoming Regional Manager for the Atlantic Region in 2008. In 2009 Chris relocated to Alberta where he has been Regional Manager for the past 4 seasons. Chris works closely with his managers and continually pushes them to succeed.
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Executive Management Program
Top performing managers come together for sessions geared towards taking their businesses to the next level. Managers also take this time to develop lasting relationships with peers and mentors. Speakers are often featured on topics related to their business and handling success as a young individual.
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Award Winning Managers
National Rookie, National Achiever and National Manager of the Year awards are just a few of the most prestigious awards that managers compete for all season long. Awards are presented to these awesome managers at a year end banquet where they can be appropriately recognized in front of their peers.
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  • franchisees-bg
    Carter Huebner -
    UFCP Leduc, AB

    “My experience with UFCP this summer has been a great learning curve. UFCP has taught me how to manage and operate a small successful business. This job teaches you how to manage employees, deal with clients, quote and sign jobs, and learn about all the different paint products. This is a self driven job where no one is gong to tell you what to do everyday, you have to learn and find out what works for you. It has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year.”


  • franchisees-bg
    Logan Komaric -
    UFCP Calgary, AB

    UFCP has been a great experience overall. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and support that goes with the brand name, they are all incredible. This is my 4th year managing, and it’s great to look back and see how much I’ve grown and learned from all the experiences I have had. Glad I did not pass in this opportunity.


  • franchisees-bg
    Madisyn Menssa -
    UFCP Calgary - Bonivista, AB

    “This summer as a franchise manager has definitely helped me understand the importance of time management and has helped me mature personally as well as socially. It definitely has a learning curve, but it’s completely worthwhile!”


  • franchisees-bg
    Nathan Bancroft -
    UFCP Calgary, AB

    UFCP has been an incredible experience and a ton of fun. The entrepreneurial skills acquired through managing a franchise have been valuable to my future business endeavours. UFCP gives a glimpse into real world business and how things works. Being your own boss can’t be beat! The support network has been a huge part of my success and I am very thankful for all the help that has been provided.