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Vinyl Siding Coating Services

Painting Services for Commercial and Residential Properties

Looking for a way revive and boost the value of your home? Vinyl siding coating is a great way to give it a fresh, modern look.

University First Class Painters has over 25 years of experience in painting vinyl siding and new vinyl-safe colours from Dulux will give you a wide selection of colours to suit your needs.

In the past, clients were limited to match the existing paint colour or use lighter colours as darker colours attracted the heat and caused the siding to warp. As vinyl-safe colour technology progressed, paint manufacturers were able to offer more colours that are more appealing to client’s tastes.

Through our high-quality exterior products and skills, University First Class Painters will transform your home.


What colours are available?

Dulux: https://www.dulux.ca/pro/colour/sidingsafe-technology

Sherwin Williams: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-collection/vinylsafe-colors-for-vinyl-siding



  1. A power wash of the surface
  2. Once dry, two coats of satin are applied with either a sprayer or brush & roller technique
  3. The method of application depends on the conditions that exist, both methods have amazing results.



Q1: What is the best paint for vinyl siding?

We recommend Dulux Diamond Satin and Sherwin Williams’ Resilience line for painting vinyl siding.

Q2: How long will vinyl paint last?

With the paint fully adhered to the vinyl siding, it could last over 30 years but like any paint, it fades over time and a new coat may be required every 10-12 years.

Q3: What can I do to prepare my home prior to application?

Move all outdoor furniture, cars, and decoration away from the area being painted, our professionals will do the rest!