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Guarantee Details

The following guarantee details can also be found on the back of the customer copy of our written proposal form. University Contracting Corporation Limited (UCCL), the corporate franchisor of University First Class Painters (UFCP), offers the following guarantee on all paint jobs completed by any of our independent UFCP Student Managers. The contents of this guarantee cannot be altered without written consent by UCCL.


UCCL (UNIVERSITY CONTRACTING CORPORATION LIMITED), the franchisor of “University First Class Painters”, provides a guarantee to all clients of our independent franchise contractors. The conditions within this guarantee CANNOT BE ALTERED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT of the franchisor, UCCL. To ensure the activation of your guarantee please send an email to [email protected] including your name, address, telephone number, contract number, amount paid, date of completion and the name of your independent franchise contractor within 60 days of payment.


  • Two years on all applicable workmanship.
  • Painting is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of completion against cracking and peeling resulting from our workmanship.
  • We will only fix the specific areas that have failed. Where it is deemed necessary for touch-ups to be done on a small percentage of an area, there will likely be a colour differential (we do our best to minimize this). The guarantee does not include painting the entire area to fix this colour differential.
  • Our guarantee is for labour only. The client will supply paint, primer and any materials required to facilitate the necessary repairs.
  • We will only repair in accordance with the description of the original work.
  • Guarantee work will be completed as soon as possible after notification of the problem. For the best service, notification should take place before April 30 in order for the work to be completed in the upcoming season. Guarantee work must be reported by July 15th in order for completion within the year reported.
  • Guarantee work will be done in July, August, September or October (weather permitting). In some areas, guarantee claims may be rectified earlier in the year at the franchisor’s discretion.
  • This guarantee is not transferable to another individual or corporation.
  • The Franchisor, in some circumstances, and in its sole discretion, may choose to provide a cash value for any valid guarantee claims. This value will be determined based on the percentage of job failure and the actual cost of the job at the time the work was completed.


  • Galvanized metal (and other metal surfaces) and / or plastic surfaces, unless the area is pre-finished aluminum and / or steel siding without pre-existing adhesion problems.
  • Mould or fungus that results from environmental causes.
  • Areas that are walked on such as porches, steps, balconies, verandas, decks, floors and other walked-on structures.
  • All areas attached to porches, steps, balconies, verandas, decks, floors and other walked-on structures including, but not limited to, areas such as rails, posts, pillars and lattice.
  • Work not paid for in full or not paid on a timely basis. “Timely” is here defined as work not paid within thirty days from the date of completion.
  • Areas specifically stated in Other Details as impossible to guarantee.
  • Baked-on finishes that the customer requests to be refinished.
  • Varnished surfaces.
  • Work for which customer supplies paint.
  • Work subcontracted and / or worked on by any other individual or contractor.
  • Vinyl wall covering and wallpapering.
  • Fences
  • Areas that have a moisture problem and / or areas where moisture pools on the surface. This specifically includes (but is not limited to) windows (areas where water pools) and windowsills.
  • Any work performed where a client has specifically requested scraping and painting without a primer application.
  • Bubbles and blisters caused by inner-coat adhesion problems.
  • This guarantee does not cover unfinished work. The Franchisor is not responsible for unfinished work. It is the responsibility of the independent franchise contractor and the client to ensure that all work is completed prior to the conclusion of the project.
  • This guarantee does not cover any damage to a client’s property. The Franchisor is not responsible for any damage to client property. It is the sole liability of the independent franchise contractor to remedy any damage to a client’s property.


General Terms

  • Estimates will be valid for a three-month period from the date of quotation.
  • The customer is fully responsible for choosing all colours. Colour changes that occur while the job is in production will result in an additional charge to cover expenses. A minimum charge of $100.00 will be applied, plus all expenses, (including labour, materials and miscellaneous expenses) that are incurred as a result of the colour change.
  • For all projects, the client is responsible for the removal of all personal items from the vicinity of the work area. This will avoid damage from overspray in the painting process.
  • If a condition occurs that was not foreseeable through the visual inspection, an extra charge may be levied to cover additional expenses. This includes but is not limited to expenses incurred from rental of lift equipment necessary to reach sections of property not accessible by conventional ladders.
  • Unless specified in the written proposal the cost of boom lifts, scissor lifts and/or staging setup and rental is not included in the price.
  • An additional charge may be levied when a client has a large number of colours unless the colours are disclosed prior to the presentation of this proposal. A charge of approximately $100 for each additional colour (this will vary with size of job and locations of colours).
  • The client shall be responsible to ensure that all high voltage wires are inspected by a certified professional and if required shall be moved, covered or deactivated at the owner’s expense in accordance with labour and safety provincial/state legislation and regulations.
  • The booking date is not binding. Due to conditions beyond our control (mainly weather), we may not meet this date. Please realize the utmost effort is made to meet this date and we apologize for any delays.
  • A second / multiple coats may be required when there is a colour change, when the surface is stained and / or when the surface contains embedded debris or is highly absorbent. This will result in an extra charge if it has not already been included in the original proposal. Certain colours (some whites, deep tones, yellows, reds and light colours that go over dark colors) can require multiple coats.
  • A fee of 10% of the contract price may be levied on any job cancelled more than 10 days after the signing of this agreement and / or before the agreed-upon commencement date. If cancellation occurs after the commencement of work, the cancellation fee will include the preceding 10% charge plus all hours, materials and overhead shall be billed up until the time of cancellation and shall include any teardown or clean up costs incurred after the cancellation date. The hours incurred shall be billed at the hourly rate charged per man-hour. Materials shall be billed at cost plus the normal markup on all materials. All applicable overheads shall be added to the final bill.
  • Interest at a rate of 24% per annum will be charged on any outstanding amounts payable to the independent franchise contractor.
  • The independent franchise contractor giving this proposal is licensed and registered to use the University First Class Painting system, processes and trade name. Payments must be made directly to the business name of the franchisee.
  • At the client’s request, mobile storage and/or portable toilets can be supplied at additional cost.
  • All waste material generated in the performance of the painting project will be disposed of in a proper manner. This includes paint chips, plastic and other regular garbage items. All garbage items shall be placed in garbage bags and shall be disposed of through the customer’s regular garbage services (public or private). Any hazardous materials shall be disposed of by the contractor (the client shall be charged for such disposal unless such disposal is stated in the details of this proposal).

Minor Maintenance Definitions

  • Missing – Only places where the material is completely missing will be repaired.
  • Cracked – Places where the material is cracked (must be more than hairline).
  • Loose – Places, where present material is loose to the touch, will be raked out and replaced.
  • Total – All material will be raked out and replaced.