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Exterior House Painters in Canada

We are exterior house painters

We paint the exteriors of thousands of homes and businesses every year. Our exterior painting services are for your biggest painting projects and your smallest painting jobs. No matter the size, we will complete your project in a safe, effective and timely manner.

We Paint and stain:

  • Entire exteriors
  • Window & house trim
  • Garages & sheds
  • Decks & Fences
  • Stucco
  • Wood, metal, cement and vinyl siding

Our exterior painting services include:

  • Power washing
  • Scraping and Sanding
  • Caulking
  • Priming

Our Clients Expectations

Our Student Managers will recommend the best procedure to prepare your home for long-lasting, durable results. The most important step in ensuring that the exterior painting service stands the test of time is thorough surface preparation. Surface preparation, and the appropriate preparation process, directly affects the longevity of your paint job. Most exterior paint jobs will adhere to the following process:

  1. Power wash any surface to be painted with a mixture of bleach and TSP
  2. Scrape all loose/peeling paint to reveal a solid base
  3. Prime all bare and scraped areas
  4.  Recaulk any areas missing caulking
  5. Paint according to specifications given to the client on the written estimate

The above process is the most common process for exterior projects but can vary depending on the requirements of the job. Our franchise managers will carry out a visual inspection of the project to determine the required process to complete the project effectively. This process will be clearly detailed within the written estimate provided to you by the franchise manager.

In some cases, project preparation can be altered during the work process if a condition arises that could not be determined by the visual inspection of the project. In these cases, the project will be assessed and a new process may be determined to meet the unforeseen condition.

Our Expectations from Our Clients

In every painting project there are certain aspects of the painting project that falls to our clients to perform. The following is a list of our general expectation for our clients to execute prior to and during the painting project:

  1.  Remove all detachable items (such as deck furniture) that are in close proximity to the jobsite.
  2.  Ensure all windows are firmly shut before project begins (this is especially important before power washing).
  3.  Ensure all windows are opened as soon as possible after the painting project is finished (this confirms that windows have not been painted shut).
  4.  Speak with neighbours regarding the painting activities that will occur. This is particularly important if our painters will have to use a neighboring property for full access to your home.
  5. Complete a thorough walkthrough with your Student Manager and his/her staff once the project has been completed. Any painting deficiencies that you note during this walkthrough will be promptly fixed by the staff.
  6. Place all garbage from the painting project curbside for collection. Please be aware that your Student Manager and his/her staff will collect and bag all of the garbage created during their project according to collections standards. You are ONLY responsible for putting the bags out to be collected.

The above list is not an all-inclusive list but is the most common tasks we expect our clients to perform. There may be other tasks of which the manager may inform the client of the details and make arrangements prior to the start of the project.

In some cases, a client may not wish to or are unable to do the tasks at hand. In these cases, our franchise managers will wherever possible allow for the tasks to be done by their staff or by the manager themselves. It is always best to prearrange with the franchise manager prior to the quotation so that it can be incorporated into the costs of the job however, adding the task and cost can be done at any time.