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Interior Painters for Houses and Businesses

We paint the ceiling, walls and trim of your rooms and offices. Our interior painting services for both houses and commercial properties, we can accommodate a single room or office, the entire house or an entire office complex.

As part of our interior painting service:

  • We will move your furniture
  • Cover all furniture with plastic and place drop sheets on the floors
  • Fill all pinholes and minor cracks
  • Tape where necessary
  • Clean where necessary
  • Clean up after the painting is completed
  • Move your furniture back

Located across Canada, our managers will provide you with a written quote for your interior painting that details the areas to be painted and the job process. The estimate will provide a timeframe for the project’s completion and recommend the best products for the areas to be painted. Our interior painters will paint your project in a safe, effective and timely manner.

Our Clients Expectations

As with exterior projects, appropriate surface preparation is key to long-lasting and durable paint jobs. Your Student Manager will recommend the best preparation process for your individual painting project. You should anticipate a paint job with straight lines, even finishes, and sturdy surfaces at the end of your painting project. The majority of interior paint jobs will adhere to the following process:

  1. Prepare the job site for painting (furniture relocation, preparing drop sheets and plastic coverings, etc.).
  2.  Clean surfaces, if necessary
  3.  Apply painter’s tape, if necessary.
  4. Fill any nail holes and small cracks
  5. Apply caulk to any gaps in the trim
  6. Paint according to specifications given to the client on the written estimate

It is very common to have additional preparation processes added to this list, in accordance with your specific job requirements. Please note that any additional preparation processes required will be accounted for on your written estimate. These additions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Thorough washing of surfaces
  • Buff sand any trim or wall surface on which paint adhesion may be questionable
  • Prime any bare drywall
  • Prime any surfaces on which paint adhesion may be questionable with a high adhesion primer.
  • Repair of any damaged drywall, nail pop-outs and/or large cracks

Our Expectations from Our Clients

In every painting project, there are certain aspects of the painting project that falls to our clients to perform. The following is a list of our general expectation for our clients to execute prior to and during the painting project:

  1. Remove and return any pictures, curtains, breakables or any other small miscellaneous items.
  2. Remove and return any small furniture items
  3. Remove and return any light and/or wall socket plates
  4. Remove and return any unusually heavy items (such as pianos, filing cabinets, and large desk units).
  5. Complete a thorough walkthrough with your Student Manager and his/her staff once the project has been completed. Any painting deficiencies that you note during this walkthrough will be promptly fixed by the staff.
  6. Place all garbage from the painting project curbside for collection. Please be aware that your Student Manager and his/her staff will collect and bag all of the garbage created during their project according to collections standards. You are ONLY responsible for putting the bags out to be collected.

The above list is not an all-inclusive list but is the most common tasks we expect our clients to perform. There may be other tasks of which the manager may inform the client of the details and make arrangements prior to the start of the project.

In some cases, a client may not wish to or are unable to do the tasks at hand. In these cases, our franchise managers will wherever possible allow for the tasks to be done by their staff or by the manager themselves. It is always best to prearrange with the franchise manager prior to the quotation so that it can be incorporated into the costs of the job however, adding the task and cost can be done at any time.