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Our Inspection



The basis for all of our paint project inspections is quite simple:


1. Everything that should be painted is painted


2. Everything that should not be painted is not painted


3. Lines are straight and surfaces are evenly coated


Throughout your painting project the painting staff and our franchise manager will inspect their work as they progress through the project.


Upon completion of the project there will be a three point inspection initiated.

The first step in this three point inspection process is for the painting staff to inspect their project work and to rectify any deficiencies.


Upon the completion of the first step of our inspection process, the franchise manager will conduct an inspection of the entire project, noting any deficiencies and issues. The painting staff will then rectify any noted areas found in the managers inspection.


Once the franchise manager feels that the project meets the UFCP standard the final phase is initiated. Whereby the franchise manager will conduct a walk through of the project with you and will address any concerns that have not been addressed to date. If there are any issues discovered they will immediately be addressed the by the franchise manager and their staff.

As the job progresses the franchise manager will be advising you of expected timelines for completion so that you will be able to arrange in advance the final inspection of your project.


Upon the final inspection and completion of any issues the franchise manager will collect the final payment for the project