Providing exceptional painting jobs
to customers since 1982!

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Our Goals


Providing a First Class customer experience is our goal!


Achieving client satisfaction by:


  • Delivering a detailed and timely painting quote that provides all the information our clients need and should have in order to make an informed decision on which painting contractor serves their needs best


  • Being available for any questions and we will follow up on all of our quotes to ensure that we have met your needs.


  • Providing clients with the resources to make the proper product and colour choices.


  • Starting projects on time and complete them within the timeframe we have stated the project will take.


  • Having hardworking, friendly, helpful and fully trained staff on every project


  • Keeping our clients informed throughout the job process.


  • Addressing any concerns a client may have immediately


  • Notifying our clients as soon as any issue arises that significantly changes the scope of the project and if the resulting changes have any extra costs that can be incurred.


  • Inspecting every project prior to presenting it as a finished painting project


  • Backing qualified projects with our limited guarantee


  • Following up all projects to ensure satisfaction well after completion.



Following the three rules of painting...


1. To paint everything that should be painted


2. To not paint anything that should not be painted


3. To have all lines straight and the coating even



Our franchise managers and staff work hard every day to achieve the satisfaction of all of their clients.