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to students since 1982!

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Summer Jobs in Atlantic Canada with UFCP!

Ufcp has offered summer jobs throughout Atlantic Canada for over thirty years.


Students in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island have been working for UFCP as management and staff in our local painting businesses earning tuition and gaining valuable experience since 1982.


Our top level franchise manager position has provided a valuable resume building experience and above average earnings for students of all fields of study. The position facilitates students gaining valuable hands on experience in human resource management, accounting, production management, sales and marketing.


Our Management Development Program will train students for all aspects of their sumner job as a UFCP franchise manager. Past job experience( retail and/or labour), extracurricular activities, solid academics, work ethic and interpersonal skills are some of the elements that are key to being welcomed into the MDP program.


We also offer positions:

  • In the summer we offer our painter, foreman and marketing positions providing great summer employment that allows the movement up to management in subsequent years.


  • During the school year we offer recruiting assistant and on campus recruiting positions that can be part time or full time jobs.


UFCP takes great pride in providing rewarding jobs to students.

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Following Campuses

Nova Scotia

  • Acadia University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Nova Scotia Community College
  • Saint Mary's University
  • St. Francis Xavier University


New Brunswick

  • Crandall University
  • Mount Allison University
  • New Brunswick Community College
  • St. Thomas University
  • Universite de Moncton
  • University of New Brunswick


Prince Edward Island

  • Holland College
  • University of Prince Edward Island

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Student Jobs

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI

Recruiting Assistant
Are you a naturally social individual who doesn't mind being on your feet and interacting with people all day? We're looking to hire personable individuals to work with us on local campuses, to inform students about our awesome summer employment opportunities.
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Franchise Manager
This is a highly rewarding opportunity for those individuals looking to set themselves apart from their peers and learn how to run a business. You can't be afraid of a little hard work, this is not a 9 to 5 job! Just remember that along with a greater sacrifice comes the potential for greater rewards!
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Looking for a summer job that allows you to be active, outside and working with other students? Consider becoming a painter for one of our student franchise managers!
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Our Atlantic Management Team

Regional Manager
Shawn Donaldson has been Regional Manager for Atlantic Canada since 2009. Shawn started with the company back in 2003 and has since been successful at operating franchises in Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Shawn takes great pride in leading the Atlantic managers and looks forward to working with you!
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Executive Management Program
The EMP program is our top level training for our returning managers. Developed to give the participants a high level view of the business and the opportunities. This training provides insight into long term strategies for young students.
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Award Winning Managers
Throughout the summer managers, painters and marketers are recognized for their achievements. The manager of the month and weekly recognition for top performers culminate in our National awards night whereby regional and National awards are given to the best of the best.
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  • franchisees-bg
    Austin Quinn -
    UFCP Riverview / Dieppe, NB

    University First Class Painters has given work experience that is unparalleled to any job opportunity throughout my education. Offering a unique and rare opportunity to gain the vital skills that are needed in business.


  • franchisees-bg
    Avery Birch -
    UFCP Halifax South, NS

    My experience at UFCP has been nothing short of amazing. The skills, attitude, and professional experience I have gained are unparalleled from any other opportunity available as a student. Running your own business is never easy, but UFCP shortens that learning curve to a single, high achieving, summer. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone looking for more out of their degree.


  • franchisees-bg
    Jarod Newcombe -
    UFCP Annapolis Valley, NS

    I have been thrilled with my experience with UFCP. I was challenged regularly, and able to learn a lot from my 2 years as manager. Being back in the classroom I am able to relate the theory I’m learning today to the practical experience of running my own painting business, which is a major benefit!


  • franchisees-bg
    Kyle Barkhouse -
    UFCP Halifax South, NS

    “Working with University First Class Painters has provided me with the greatest opportunity not only to learn about running a proper business but to learn and grow as a person. This job allows you to see the return on work you put into your business with no true limitations on the success a manager can achieve. This was my best opportunity to gain valuable business and life experience, by also making more money than any other summer job. “It is not only how hard you work, but how smart you work that makes one successful”.


  • franchisees-bg
    Sam Jennings -
    UFCP Moncton, NB

    Whether you are in management, engineering or even psychology it is a valuable lesson to be in charge and manage a group of people and complete a task. All in all I feel that if you’re dedicated, self motivated and want to relieve financial stress while receiving relevant life experience UFCP is the way to go.


  • franchisees-bg
    Thomas Martin -
    UFCP Halifax South, NS

    UFCP is not just another summer job. It provides room for growth and success based on the work that you put in. It has shown me the kind of success I can have long term by building on the skills needed to run a business and I will use those skills for the rest of my professional career.


  • franchisees-bg
    Virginia Greer -
    UFCP Dartmouth, NS

    UFCP has enhanced previous skills and developed skills that will be useful throughout my Engineering degree. Having been able to provide quality service and having personal connections with my clients had allowed me to have such a successful first year with this company. The support system of the company as a whole, has pushed me to challenge myself in ways that I didn’t think possible! This has allowed the quality and hard work of not only myself but my painters to not go unnoticed. UFCP was the push I needed to continue and uplift motivation, not only in a work aspect but within my continuing education.