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Painting and Stains for Your Fences and Decks

Professional Student Painters in Vancouver

Our painters are specially trained for

Deck staining and painting

Decks come in a wide range of sizes and many different varieties; they can include railings, pergolas, or lattices, and no two decks look exactly the same. Regardless of the exact dimensions or shape of your deck, it is still one of the most visible elements of your property and we recommend that it receive regular care and maintenance.

Preparing Your Surface

Proper preparation of a surface is an integral part of a quality paint job. Our student painters are trained to ensure that your deck or fence is fully prepared for the job. Your manager may advise any of the following procedures:

  • Powers washing and/or hand washing
  • Scraping or sanding
  • Caulking
  • Priming (for paint jobs)

Applying a Paint or Stain

Typically we recommend using a semi-transparent or solid stain for your fence of the deck. The application of a semi-transparent stain requires brushing and sometimes rolling, while a solid stain can be applied by rolling, brushing, or spraying.

Continued Maintenance

Decks receive a great deal of wear and tear due to foot traffic and heavy items frequently placed on decks. They are also vulnerable to long periods of precipitation and can begin to lose their even finish if they are not properly cared for. In order to minimize damage to your deck and maintain a fresh and polished appearance, we offer the UFCP maintenance program.

UFCP Deck Maintenance Program

When you inform your UFCP representative that you would like to take part in our prearrange maintenance schedule, you will be entitled to:

  • Cleaning and re-coating of the following surfaces every 1-2 years:
    • Steps, tops of railings and deck floors
  • Cleaning and re-coating of the following surfaces every 3-5 years:
    • Posts, deck skirts, railings and other areas

Forgot to ask about our maintenance program at the time of your estimate? Contact our head office via email and we would be happy to register you for our service!