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Since its establishment in 1982, University First Class Painters has striven to create excellent opportunities for students, operating franchises all across British Columbia.


Franchises at UFCP are operated entirely by students who work as painters and marketers under the student franchise manager every summer. Franchise managers hire a full-time staff and control all aspects of the business for the summer months.


The student manager deals with many responsibilities in running their own franchise.  They are able to apply ideas learned in the classroom to the real world; working as a franchise manager can help any student get more out of their degree. They will learn how to manage all business departments in their own franchise including accounting, sales, human resources and production.


For their first summer as franchise managers, students can take part in the Management Development Program in order to be fully trained before they begin the summer. Students are taken into consideration for MDP depending on their academic achievement, extracurricular participation, work experience and general management skills.


UFCP has several student positions apart from franchise management. In the summer franchise managers hire painters, foremen and marketing assistants. These are excellent summer employment and can pave the way for future management positions. When they’re back at school, students can opt to assist with recruiting efforts on campus. Recruiting positions can be part time or full time, depending on the needs of the franchise manager.


At UFCP, we are happy to create challenging and fulfilling job opportunities for students every year!

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Student Jobs

Franchise Manager
University First Class Painters is hiring for the position of Franchise Manager. Take this opportunity to develop and grow your business skills over the summer. We ensure managers are extensively trained in all areas of operation so that you can succeed and so you may deliver a quality service to your clients.
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Recruiting Assistant
Looking for a part time job while attending school? We are looking for recruiting assistants to help us inform students about the exciting summer job opportunities available with UFCP. Apply now and join our team!
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Ever thought of running your own painting business? Get to know the ropes this summer by working as a painter and then step up next year with a territory of your own! It's a rewarding opportunity where the rewards are endless!
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Our British Columbia Management Team

Regional Manager
Devon Arnold began his career with UFCP in 2006 as a franchise manager in Halifax, NS. In 2008 Devon made the move to Vancouver and in 2009 was was promoted to Regional Manager for BC. Devon is excited about the upcoming season and looks forward to developing many more lasting relationships with his managers.
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Executive Management Program
The featured event for the program is usually a 3 day retreat styled conference where managers come together to develop bonds that will help further their success in business and life. We aim to equip these returning managers with the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level.
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Award Winning Managers
Top performing managers are recognized for their awesome achievements at the year end banquet with Regional and National awards being handed out. In addition, all season long managers are recognized for their hard work with the manager of the week and month titles being handed out.
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  • franchisees-bg
    Rob Shouldice -
    UFCP Oak and James Bay, BC

    “UFCP has pushed my boundaries of what I thought was possible for a young adult. It has taught me invaluable skills that allow me to coach, grow and put systems in place to make my business run smoothly. Over the last two years UFCP has redefined how I perceive work/work ethic and has shown me what steps I have to take to be successful.”


  • franchisees-bg
    Zachary Shearing -
    UFCP Lynn Valley / Deep Cove, BC

    UFCP has given me the opportunity to be my own small business owner and has taught me a lot about life. In my first year I learned how to do door to door sales, quote jobs, handle clients, be a boss, and become a better person in the process! I’m very happy to be back working and look forward to the future.