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Summer Jobs with UFCP in Saskatchewan and Manitoba!

For motivated students looking to get the most out of their education, UFCP provides management opportunities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan every year.


For the last 30 years, student managers have operated painting franchises every summer, working with a full-time staff of student painters and marketers. The franchise managers run their business for the summer months and learn real-world business skills as they go.


The franchise management position is comprised of all the duties and responsibilities necessary to run a successful business. This position is the perfect opportunity to gain relevant and fulfilling experience. Managers will learn how to operate their own business and will develop and hone techniques necessary to manage sales, marketing, human resources, production and accounting.


The Management Development Program was created to provide training for students as they enter their first summer with UFCP. Students will develop their business with support from the company and the confidence they need after having spent the year in part-time management seminars. They can be selected for MDP if they have demonstrated strong academic achievement, participation in leadership roles, applicable work experience or interpersonal skills necessary to manage their own business.


Along with the franchise manager position, UFCP is proud to offer several other positions for students seeking employment. UFCP hires students every summer as painters, marketers and foremen, and during the year the company looks for motivated students to assist with recruiting efforts. 


UFCP works with students to help them find work experience that will be relevant and valuable!

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Student Jobs

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Franchise Manager
Ever wanted to take a shot at running your own business? Becoming a franchise manager with UFCP is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. We will provide training and guidance while still allowing you the freedom to manage your own business. Work hard, learn lots and earn great money while doing it!
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We're looking for students who enjoy working with their hands and being outdoors. If this sounds like you, then consider becoming a painter with UFCP this summer. You'll have the opportunity to work alongside other students and earn good money while doing it!
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Our Manitoba/Saskatchewan Management Team

Regional Manager
Shawn Niven joined the UFCP team in 2013 as a franchise manager in Calgary, AB. He was quickly promoted to District Manager for the Calgary area in 2014 and has played a crucial role in the success of University First Class Painters throughout Alberta in the last few years. This year while managing his own successful franchise in Alberta Shawn will be taking over the Regional Manager position for Saskatchewan.
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Executive Management Program
The Executive Management Program aims to teach returning managers the keys to furthering their success with the business. We also take this opportunity to inform managers on tools and resources available to them to ensure their successes as young individuals benefits them for the years to come.
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Award Winning Managers
Competition between managers is a significant driving force for many top performing franchisees. Managers are recognized regionally throughout the season with manager of the week and month awards. This all builds to the end of year awards banquet where the National Awards are distributed.
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  • franchisees-bg
    Carter Huebner -
    UFCP Leduc, AB

    “My experience with UFCP this summer has been a great learning curve. UFCP has taught me how to manage and operate a small successful business. This job teaches you how to manage employees, deal with clients, quote and sign jobs, and learn about all the different paint products. This is a self driven job where no one is gong to tell you what to do everyday, you have to learn and find out what works for you. It has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year.”


  • franchisees-bg
    Dawson MacAuley -
    UFCP Southwest Regina, SK

    “Being a Franchise Manager with UFCP has been an incredible opportunity, loaded with a tonne of learning experience. I have been forced out of my comfort zone many times, as the amount of responsibilities that fall on our shoulders doesn’t compare to a regular, hourly waged summer job. I firmly believe that I am better prepared for the rest of my school years, as well as my future work, as a direct result of this work.”


  • franchisees-bg
    Logan Komaric -
    UFCP Calgary, AB

    UFCP has been a great experience overall. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and support that goes with the brand name, they are all incredible. This is my 4th year managing, and it’s great to look back and see how much I’ve grown and learned from all the experiences I have had. Glad I did not pass in this opportunity.


  • franchisees-bg
    Madisyn Menssa -
    UFCP Calgary - Bonivista, AB

    “This summer as a franchise manager has definitely helped me understand the importance of time management and has helped me mature personally as well as socially. It definitely has a learning curve, but it’s completely worthwhile!”


  • franchisees-bg
    Nathan Bancroft -
    UFCP Calgary, AB

    UFCP has been an incredible experience and a ton of fun. The entrepreneurial skills acquired through managing a franchise have been valuable to my future business endeavours. UFCP gives a glimpse into real world business and how things works. Being your own boss can’t be beat! The support network has been a huge part of my success and I am very thankful for all the help that has been provided.