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University First Class Painters (UFCP) has been producing successful Student Managers for over 30 years. In this time, we have learned that the following characteristics are common among our most successful Student Managers:


Knowledge of Service

  • Our best Student Managers are confident in their knowledge and quite simply, they know what they’re talking about.


Follow the System

  • Our franchise system is successful because we have a time-tested business model that works. Student Managers that adhere to our system and follow our guidance are the most successful in the long run.


Hard Work

  • Hard work is the cornerstone of success for any business owner. A successful Student Manager will be willing to put their business in front of vacations, time off and down time. They know that putting the hard work in now will mean reaping the benefits later.


Realizing Where the Buck Stops

  • Successful Student Managers know that they are responsible for all aspects of their business. They know that it is important to take control over all aspects of the business decisions, responsibilities and difficulties.

Personable and Likeable

  • Ease of communication is a key element in running a successful business. From clients to employees, successful Student Managers will conduct themselves in a way that will garner respect and likeability.


Asking Questions

  • University First Class Painters focuses on providing our Student Managers with an excellent support system of knowledgeable staff. From our Head Office staff to our Regional and District Managers, we encourage our Student Managers to seek help whenever it is required.



  • In the face of adversity, successful Student Managers will find ways to improve and show positivity. They know that every setback is no more than an opportunity for growth and learning.


Tracking the Numbers

  • Understanding and keeping on top of current wage and material numbers, as well as providing thorough and precise estimates, is essential for success.


Treatment of Staff

  • Successful managers know that treatment of their staff must be fair, yet demanding. It is essential that you hire the right people and fire any staff members who are not working for your team. To earn respect, you must be able to do your job well and keep your staff members happily employed.

‘Can-Do’ Attitudes

  • Being confident in their abilities and resourceful in the face of challenges are key qualities in our top Student Managers. Both clients and employees are inclined to recognize a ‘can-do’ attitude in a person and it helps them to gain confidence in their Student Manager.


Teamwork & Camaraderie

  • University First Class Painters is comprised of a close-knit group of young professionals. Many Student Managers find that it is helpful to discuss work related problems with other UFCP Student Managers. Other managers can fully understand the type of difficult decision making that is involved in being a business owner and can give great advice on problems they may have already faced. Our best managers are those who embrace a sense of solidarity with their fellow Student Managers.


Understanding the Importance of Marketing

  • Active marketing is essential to the growth and success of a business. Successful student managers will tailor a marketing plan to fit their needs and ensure that the marking plan is strictly followed.


Understand the Business Cycle

  • Any successful business takes time to develop, but given that our line of business is seasonal (active only for 4-6 months), it is vital that Student Managers understand the rapidity in which they will establish and begin working on their business.



It is important to note that the list above is not all-inclusive, but simply a guide to the traits we are looking for in our Student Managers. UFCP is happy to help you improve upon any business skill that you would like to develop.