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Guarantee Details



The following guarantee details can also be found on the back of the customer copy of our written proposal form. University Contracting Corporation Limited (UCCL), the corporate franchisor of University First Class Painters (UFCP), offers the following guarantee on all paint jobs completed by any of our independent UFCP Student Managers. The contents of this guarantee cannot be altered without written consent by UCCL.




  • Cracking and peeling resulting from UFCP’s workmanship is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of job completion.


  • Only specific areas that are effected will be repaired


  • UFCP will supply labour ONLY for any guarantee claims. The client will provide paint and any essential materials to facilitate repairs.


  • Repair work will only be completed in accordance with the original estimate provided


  • Any guarantee claims submitted to the UFCP Head Office will be inspected as soon as possible after notification. Due to a high seasonal workload, we recommend reporting all guarantee claims to the UFCP Head Office (1-800-406-0014) on or before April 30th. Any claims received AFTER July 15th may not be completed until the following season due to time and weather restrictions.


  • Weather permitting, all warranty work will be completed between July and October. Some work may be completed earlier in the year at the discretion of the corporate franchisor, UCCL.


  • This guarantee is non-transferable


  • In some cases, UCCL may choose to provide a cash settlement on any valid warranty work. This value will be determined based on the actual cost of the job at time of completion and the percentage of job failure. Cash settlements are at the sole discretion of UCCL.





  • Metal, galvanized metal and/or plastic surfaces (with the exception of pre-finished steel or aluminum siding without prior adhesion problems).


  • Fungus or mould resulting from environmental causes (i.e., high-moisture areas).


  • Any walked-on surface (i.e., Decks, porches, steps, balconies, floors, etc.)


  • Any area attached to a walked-on surface, including but not limited to: rails, pillars, posts and lattice.


  • Work that has not been paid in full and/or was not paid in a timely manner (within thirty days of job completion).


  • Any areas detailed as impossible to guarantee in the ‘Other Details’ portion of your written estimate


  • Any baked-on finishes that the client specifically requests to be refinished


  • Any varnished surfaces


  • Any job during which the customer supplies the paint


  • Any subcontracted work, or work that has been completed in whole or in part by another individual or contractor.


  • Wallpaper and vinyl wall covering


  • Fences


  • Any areas where moisture poses a specific problem (i.e. areas where moisture pools on the surface. This includes but is not limited to windowsills and window trim.


  • Work where scraping and painting without a primer was specifically requested by the customer.


  • Any work presenting with inner-coat adhesion problems


  • Any unfinished work. UCCL cannot be held responsible for any unfinished work. The client and their UFCP Student Manager must ensure that all work, as set out by the written estimate, is completed prior to job completion.


  • Damage to a customer’s property. It is the sole responsibility of the UFCP Student Manager to remedy any damage that occurs on a customer’s property while on a jobsite.